About Us

TheraTarget, located in Salt Lake City, Utah, was incorporated as a spin-off company from the University of Utah through the USTAR Initiative. We are a biopharmaceutical company developing a variety of polymer-drug conjugate delivery systems for clinical use.  Our patented novel drug delivery platform, the second-generation biodegradable, di-block, N-(2- hydroxypropyl)methacrylamide [HPMA], is based on the seminal work of Drs. Jindrich Kopecek, PhD, D Sci and colleagues.

This unique drug delivery platform can be adorned with a variety of chemotherapeutic, immunoactivating, and immunomodulating agents. Preclinical testing of these various agents on solid tumors has resulted in high response rates, documented immunoactivation, and long-term suppression of tumor recurrence. In addition to the treatment of cancer, HPMA platform delivery also has roles in other clinical arenas.   Our pipeline is comprised of preclinically proven anticancer and neuromodulating agents.

Our management team and board of directors have decades of special expertise in the design of polymer therapeutics, optimization of nanomedical applications, product development, manufacturing, quality control monitoring, as well as the successful completion of clinical trials.