Our Mission

TheraTarget will usher in the clinical application of a novel, safe, biodegradable, first in class, polymeric HPMA drug delivery platform adorned with a variety immuno-activating and immuno-modulating agents designed to optimize cancer immunotherapy resulting in increased efficacy while significantly reducing adverse effects.


  • Dramatically enhances tumor targeting through distinct delivery platform advantages
  • Avoids multidrug resistance by avoiding P-glycoprotein pump interactions
  • Effectively induces tumor immunogenic cell death (converts cold to hot tumors)
  • Increases efficacy over free drug in multiple solid tumors
  • Significantly reduces systemic toxicity thus improving quality of life
  • MPPA is a new, effective multivalent PD-L1 immune checkpoint inhibitor
  • MPPA uses cellular trafficking to reduce PD-L1 recycling, a first in class action
  • Intratumoral injections provide additional unique immunotherapeutic advantages
  • Efficacy, safety and applicability in breast, colon, lung, ovarian and pancreatic cancers